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In November, OCSA resumed operations at Hemet-Ryan Airport with the Grob 103 and PW5. Two weekends of aerotowing were followed on December 10 by a day of winch launching. While we continue to negotiate a tiedown contract with the County of Riverside, we are renting tiedowns near the power ramps on the south side of the airport, and towing the gliders across to Runway 4-22 each day. WE'RE BACK!!! Check out the pictures.


The FAA has notified OCSA that the County's eviction of gliders from HMT in October  2009 was "unreasonable, flawed, and disingenuous". This is a great win which sets a precedent for all publicly owned gliderports in the USA. We hope to reestablish operations at Hemet-Ryan by the end of 2011.


OCSA began winch launching at Crystalaire gliderport. The Grob 103 launches really well with our upgraded winch! Click on the pics to view full-size images.


Chris Mannion and Rob Morgan flew the OCSA Grob 103 in the Dust Devil Dash, from Tehachapi to Coso Junction dry lake. That's about 61 nautical miles. Crew included Nick Ounanian and Milan Gembicky.


Roger Worden had a 5-hour flight in the PW5 over the Tehachapi mountains. If his Volkslogger flight trace is accepted by the SSA, this will complete his Silver badge. Clear skies were interrupted by scattered showers of champagne.


Bill Tappan soloed in a Blanik L-13! Bill sez: "Having flown only Schweizer, I found the Blanik a little "different" to say the least. I flew two patterns with Mary and it clicked! She turned me loose and despite the temptation of great looking cu's, I flew a perfect pattern with a smooth landing roll to the staging area! No pushing required. Looking forward now to some great summer flying and hopefully my commercial practical."


Nick Ounanian has achieved his Private Pilot - Glider certificate. Congratulations, Nick!!