Welcome to Cypress Soaring


There's a common misconception that flying isn't affordable for most of us. But, when you compare the costs of flying with the costs of other comparable activities, you see that flying is no more costly than many activities you may already enjoy, and which you don't consider too expensive.


When you join Cypress Soaring, Inc., you will pay an initiation fee of $300. This initiation fee includes your first month dues and annual membership in the Soaring Society of America. You will also pay monthly dues ranging from $55 to $70. Dues vary depending on the number of aircraft you are qualified to fly. Your dues include the use of the aircraft and all flight instruction you receive from Cypress Soaring flight instructors. There are no additional charges for use of aircraft, equipment, or instruction. The only other cost you will incur is the cost of aerotows. Currently, a typical 3,000 foot aerotow costs about $69. Altogether, you could expect to spend about $160-$200 a month to fly sailplanes.


Cypress Soaring also offers the Junior Membership, designed to make it more affordable for young people to learn to soar. Junior Membership is available to full time students between the ages of 14 and 22. To join Cypress Soaring, a Junior Member pays an initiation fee of $150, half the initiation fee of a regular Active Member. This fee includes your first month dues and membership in the Soaring Society of America. For more information, or to download an application, just click on the link below to the Cypress Soaring Application Form.


If you would like to find out more about Cypress Soaring, Inc., please email us. We invite you to come out and visit us at a club meeting, or if you would like an introductory glider ride, let us know.


You can download a Cypress Soaring Application Form which you can print out, complete and mail to Cypress Soaring NOW.